Business and Executive Leadership Coaching and Training

At New Avenue Leadership our business and executive leadership coaching and training is committed to transforming leadership from the Inside Out. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, New Avenue Leadership Principal Mara Vizzutti is a seasoned facilitator and executive coach who’s been working in the field of leadership training and development since 1996. She and her associates deliver high caliber, results oriented leadership skills development programs with a proven track record. Our transformational training programs and coaching are designed to take executives and their teams to their next level of excellence.

Your organization and/or team will likely be successful working with us if you are in alignment with the following values. You:

  • believe in harnessing the potential of your people so they may achieve success for themselves and the business or organization,
  • believe learning, skills development, innovation and getting results can be enjoyable and approached with a good dose of humour,
  • see the value in working together in a collaborative way to overcome challenges and achieve the best outcomes.

Here’s how we can work together to best support you and/or your team members to grow into their next level of leadership:


In today’s fast-paced business and executive culture it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of what is important in the bigger picture. Effective executives and business leaders must harness the ability to work equally with their left brain (analytical, linear, factual, sequential) and their right brain (creative, empathy, curiosity, meaning). We work with leaders who develop future leaders, making teams more cohesive, engaged and successful.

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Being a great leader starts with clarity about who you are, what you want to accomplish and operating with integrity in the achievement of your goals. The more self-aware a leader is, the more efficacy he or she possesses at work and in life. We offer high caliber, transformational executive skills coaching that results in leaders becoming much more effective professionally and personally.

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