Executive Leadership Development Workshops

These half day leadership development workshops are a great starting place to providing practical communication tools, tips and models to support productivity for executives and other organizational leaders. I believe people learn best when they are enjoying themselves and applying the content to their own work circumstances. These workshops are content rich, engaging, and practical. Participants will leave with an action plan of clear next steps.

Successful Delegation that Gets Results

  • The importance of delegation (developing others, leader with the shortest to-do list wins, etc.)
  • Strategies to overcome resistance to actually doing it
  • A step-by- step approach to the delegation conversation
  • Tips for successful delegation

Working Effectively with Multiple Generations

  • Review of  multiple generations in the workplace and how their expectations vary
  • The impact of a global economy, technology, human motivators and values at work
  • How management styles have changed and what is expected of managers and leaders in the workplace today
  • Tips for working with and communicating effectively with multiple generations

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Complete your personal feedback self assessment
  • Learn a practical model for giving feedback
  • Learn the 4 key foundational components of feedback
  • Discover top 15+ mistakes leaders make in feedback conversations

Working Successfully with Different Leadership Styles

  • Learn how to recognize other communication styles quickly
  • Learn how to flex your style so you are more effective in your business interactions
  • Learn how to be more effective at creating agreements with other styles
  • Become a better leader in helping others grow and develop

I serve business and organizational executives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and across Canada. For more detailed information about these leadership development workshops, contact me:  mara@newavenue.ca