Who I Work With

I partner with women in transition and/or women who are seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives. These women are typically 30-60 years old, liberal in their views and may also be interested in spirituality.

Here is a general overview of the women I serve:

  • Educated, high-achievers that tend to be analytical with sharp intellects,
  • Those in transition and seeking to re-invent themselves and/or their lifestyle,
  • Experiencing challenges connecting to their feelings, can be hard on themselves,
  • Appear outwardly successful with the accolades to prove it but may not feel as successful inside, still seeking to express their deepest potential,
  • May not fully trust themselves, have self-doubt and may have a hard time believing in themselves, their inner-wisdom, voice and personal power,
  • Wanting to take more risks personally or professionally but may be fearful or overly concerned about what others think about them,
  • Physically active, some have kids but are also career-oriented,
  • Wanting to live more meaningful lives,
  • Value relationships and want to make a difference in the world and feel more fulfilled,
  • Ready to make a big shift — perhaps around career, personal life, or both — and they’re ready to get started on a path of self-discovery and transformation.
  • Wanting to experience themselves as calm, clear, powerful, fun and with lots of peace of mind,
  • Striving to be all they can be and to feel successful by their own standards,
  • Wanting to believe in their own power and greatness.

The women who come to me may have tried to improve on their own by reading books or attending workshops. This is a wonderful expression of their desire to see change in their lives, however the limitation with these approaches is that gaining more knowledge does not necessarily lead to visible changes from the inside out. This cognitive “outside-in” approach is not effective when it comes to making transformational shifts that must include access to wisdom from the head, heart and gut.

Life Purpose coaching is significantly more effective at creating customized strategies for each individual to leverage all their strengths: cognitive, emotional and intuition. The result is more authenticity, more calmness, confidence and connection to their greatness.

Here are 2 stories outlining past clients I’ve worked with, the names are fictitious for purposes of confidentiality.

Client A

A professional in her mid-fifties “Sharon” was facing 2 more years of work before retirement. She had burned-out once during her career and had been on sick leave for several years. She wanted to make shifts in her lifestyle and change how she was navigating a stressful work environment. She had been a serial “do-er” her whole life, always on the go, supporting others and doing a lot for friends, family and community. She wanted to slow down and simplify her life as well as gain more clarity about her “next chapter” as she entered retirement.

After our work together, she gained a lot more clarity about the experiences she most required in her life to feel fulfilled. She was able to create constructive strategies to meet her needs. She learned how to slow down and cultivate much higher realms of inner peace, calm and contentment. This clarity created a deeper sense of identity and confidence as defined “from the inside” versus from external markers. This further solidified an already deep well of confidence she possessed.

Still a few years from retirement, she is currently implementing strategies to lower her stress so she can be more effective in her work. In her personal life she has learned how to say “No” to distractions from priorities giving her more balance. She has a renewed energy and zest for life. She has cultivated a gratifying romantic relationship, an outcome she has wanted for a long time. She has more clarity about the lifestyle and career she will create once she has retired.

Client B:

When I connected with “Grace” she was in transition from a successful career as a yoga instructor and teacher. She had spent years bringing yoga practices and teachings into the larger community in her city partnering with business and educational institutions. She had been a high-achiever her whole life and this latest venture was no exception. However, after many years of hard work, it dawned on her that the message she was preaching she was no longer living. Her busy life had careened out of balance.

Grace was looking to reconnect with her essence and reclaim her brilliance. She wanted more balance and to design a more nurturing, whole-hearted lifestyle. Through our work together, she was able to define a new approach to her life that was more enriching and balanced. As she became clearer about her top needs, she saw how she’d been unconsciously meeting them in destructive ways for years. She reclaimed her strengths, gifts and bolstered her self-esteem. She learned how to love herself more.

Armed with clarity about her needs and purpose, she launched a new business with a more soulful and balanced approach. She is now practicing living a lifestyle that has become the “new normal” for her. While she still feels the impulse to speed through her life to accomplish her goals, she has learned how to channel her drive into a more loving fuel source that is sustains her over the long term. She is more present, enjoying the “moments” of life. She is implementing a saner, more graceful and honoring way to navigate her life while generating great results at the same time.