My Story

My work happens through the igniting of clarity, courage, and compassion in others– and modelling a life of authenticity through commitment to inner-awareness. I guide people with the skills required to align their head and their hearts with integrity. I help people show up more fully in their lives in the ways they want to experience themselves and in relationship to others.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a seeker.

Mara Vizzutti, Leadership Coach

From my early 20’s, it began with a journey of self-discovery that continued for 20+ years. I was on a quest for clarity about living a meaningful life and how to be true to the vision I had set for myself. During this time I read every personal growth book I could get my hands on. I did a variety of inner work including counseling, courses and retreats. The variety of modalities included: inner child work, personal growth, spiritual growth, meditation and more.
I was a leader in an organization that delivered a highly respected series of personal leadership programs for 10 years in Calgary. I facilitated 2-5 day programs focused on increasing people’s self-awareness, confidence and clarity. I was fortunate to have played a key role in this transformational work that supported thousands of people in their effectiveness to create great results in life. It was a wonderful focus for the direction I took my life’s work.

I’ve always been committed to life-long learning and I began to lead my own retreats in Life Mission work. I earned a certification as a Coach and began coaching leaders to support transformational change in organizations. I completed more training in leadership development. I earned a Masters degree in Organizational Development and Leadership. My life experience and education has earned me what I consider to be a Ph.D in personal development!

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked to claim my authenticity while refining effective facilitation, communication and coaching skills. I’ve consistently broken through big fears to grow, heal and reach higher. My inner compass has taught me to be true to myself. I’ve created a life I love with meaningful work, aligned with what I value and ways to make a difference in the world, while feeding my talents and passions. Along the way, my learning has also centered on how to be in compassionate relationship with myself.

I believe the key to fulfillment in life is directly related to your level of self-awareness. Without self-reflective learning, we live an unexamined, unconscious life. In addition, clarity about purpose, what fulfills you and how to create this for yourself is vital. Committing to engaging in the internal work that is yours to do expands your self-awareness which allows you to create more meaning in your journey while contributing to others as well.

Guiding people through this incredible journey of self-awareness, as they awaken to their fullest potential, is where my talents, passion, energy and joy intersect in service to others!