Leading For Engagement and Building Capacity Effectively

Here are some of the challenges facing many leaders. Sound familiar?

  • Constant pressure to deliver results under a seemingly ever-increasing workload- Between daily demands, countless meetings and solving day-to-day issues, you are not only working too hard but also not as effectively as you could be.
  • You would like to spend more time on strategy and the big picture but find yourself getting pulled down into the day-to-day operations far too often. You sometimes feel frustrated because you are not spending enough energy on the kind of work you feel you do best and what you were hired to do.
  • You need your team members to be more productive. You find yourself doing a lot of problem solving and decision making for your team members that they should be doing for themselves. You also may need to delegate more work. You find it easier to just do the work yourself rather than delegate it, but this will not get you out of that vicious cycle you’re in now keeping you from doing high value work.

What would make a difference to you is:

An efficient, effective way to develop your people – everyone on your team has unique needs and challenges. You want to be able to communicate in a way that zeroes in on the real issues and quickly, creating clarity for both you and them.

Taking the load off your shoulders – you want to take the pressure off yourself to be the expert “go to person” or the one solving everyone’s problems. You want to delegate more work in a way that builds capacity and competency in your people but doesn’t leave them feeling unsupported or unacknowledged.

Developing a more self-reliant team – you want to develop your people so they solve their own problems now and in the future. You want them to make better decisions. You want to accelerate their learning so they feel engaged, stimulated and approaching their work from a position of confidence and empowerment.

Increasing creativity and innovation – you want your people to think bigger, consider more options, see more alternatives versus just settling for the first idea that comes to mind. You want to be able to generate many more effective ideas quickly and have your team members do the same.

The Solution? Navigational Conversations™ Strategic Coaching Skills for Leaders:

This comprehensive program gives leaders at all levels the skills to provide valuable coaching to their people in a way that creates clarity, expands awareness of possible solutions, has them formulate action plans and take more ownership for their outcomes.

Coaching—the ability to grow and develop others—is the most sought after leadership skill. This ability is the foundation for strengthening an organization.  Managers will never be effective leaders without mastering the “Coach Approach.”

What you can Expect from Navigational Conversations™:

A practical model for leadership coaching that can be used immediately in the workplace. This model makes so much sense and is so easy to implement that you’ll see results instantly with your people; you will see the “lights” go on! Any manager can do this, you don’t need years of practice or the “right” personality to utilize this model and get immediate results.

Real coaching for real outcomes. There is so much confusion about what leadership coaching is or what it isn’t in organizations. This no-nonsense coach model cuts through all the commotion. It eclipses the belief that coaching is “soft”. Believe me, coaching is all about generating tangible, measurable results efficiently.

Build more collegiality and trust. Since this is the way people want to be managed, this approach greatly enhances communication. It also makes it easier to engage in constructive feedback or potentially stressful performance reviews because the approach works in a variety of applications: delegation, mentoring, performance management, giving feedback and conflict resolution.

Hands-on Interactive Approach. You will be amazed at how well this works as you practice using the 5-step model by coaching others and by being coached on real life business challenges you bring to the workshop. You will not be bored! Coaching is transformational, highly engaging, stimulating and eye-opening:)

Organizational Benefits of Navigational Coaching™ include:

  1. An efficient, practical way to develop your future leaders.
  2. Leaders will be more effective at enrolling others in the organization’s agenda so that it becomes the employees’ agenda.
  3. Leaders shift from a problem-solving mindset to unlocking the problem-solving capacity of others.
  4. Leaders are able to understand, connect and build trust more effectively with others.
  5. Mid level managers grow into leaders that know how to develop the capacity of others to perform.
  6. There is a shift from a subordinate, directive style to a peer to peer collaborative style of leading others.

“Managers will never be effective leaders without mastering the “Coach Approach”- they do not need to become professional coaches, but they must gain coaching skills to be successful managers.”

What you will receive: 

Phase 1: The Program begins with an initial assessment of leadership coaching skills we are targeting to be measured and a follow up assessment upon completion of the program. Delivery of the core program begins with a 2-day facilitated session. This may also be delivered as four half-day sessions over a 1-month period. Participants will receive an all-inclusive binder of materials where they can do their work and take notes. Participants focus on both coaching and feedback skills. Bonus: Laminated model cards for easy reference. Great videos showing both Coaching and Giving Corrective Feedback in action-

Phase 2: Following the initial program, participants will engage in monthly individual tele-coaching sessions. The Coaching Gym consists of 3 teleconference sessions dedicated to fine tuning the skills participants have learned in the program as they share their progress with one another.

Phase 3: The Art of Being a Coach is a 1/2 day workshop that makes “whole and complete” the knowledge base of proficiencies, frameworks and tools that participants have been practicing over the last 3 months. People have been practicing DOING coaching up until now. This workshop explores the BEING aspect of the coach perspective to serve sustainable coaching success over the long term.

“This program provides an efficient and effective way to grow and develop our future leaders and to retain the talent we have!”

If you’ve read up to this point, you may be interested in taking the next step. If you have questions about the Navigational Coaching™ Program or you would like to discuss your leadership skills needs please contact me:

I look forward to connecting with you and learning more about your situation.

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