Business and Executive Leadership Development Programs

Who you are is how you lead. I’m interested in developing more authentic and influential business or executive leaders who want to grow into their greatest potential.

In turn, these leaders are invested in fostering the growth and development of others. Becoming a better business or executive leader begins with focusing on your own personal development. Great results are achieved organizationally when leaders gain more insight into themselves.

Insight + Practical Tools creates shifts.  These shifts develop leadership capacity which greatly improve communication skills and engagement from team members positively impacting bottom line results.

Effective business and executive leaders engage in effective conversations. The kinds of conversations that create transformational change. I am passionate about working with leaders to develop more engaged, innovative and productive team members.

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People are my very favorite creations. From my base here in Halifax, I coach people from across Canada to become more of who they already Mara Vizzuttiare at their best!

Executive Leadership Coaching

Being a great leader starts with clarity about who you are, what you want to accomplish and operating with integrity in the achievement of your goals. I offer high caliber individual coaching that results in leaders becoming much more effective, more tuned in, and more successful as professionals and as people.

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For Women in Transition: Life Purpose Coaching

You’ve been quite successful in your life already, thank you very much. Climbing the corporate ladder and/or leading a family, or doing your own creative work in the world. But somehow, deep inside, you sense you’re still not living your true calling. I coach women who seek to uncover their unique Life Purpose and guide them onto a path of greater clarity and self-realization. Be and live exactly as you know you’re called to.

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