Life Purpose Coaching for Women

You are in transition, perhaps between jobs or moving into a new chapter in your life. You feel ready for a change in career or lifestyle or both.

You want more meaning and fulfillment but you don’t know where to start. You’d like to have more clarity. You are excited and a bit fearful about creating change. You are clearer about what you don’t want then what you do want.

If so, then Life Purpose Coaching may be a good fit for you…

One of the deepest honors I receive as a coach is to support incredible women in unfolding their life’s purpose. I offer one-on-one coaching/mentoring, in which I serve as your ally in discerning and living into the truest, fullest life you feel called to live.

You might even call me your life purpose wing-woman.

Is Life Purpose Coaching For You?

My clients typically identify with these characteristics:

  • You appear successful on the outside and have the accolades to prove it, but inside you may not feel successful. You sense you’re not really living full-out and expressing your deepest potential.
  • You consider yourself insightful and self-reflective. You’re interested in digging into some inner work.
  • You’re ready to make a shift in your life — perhaps around your career, your personal life, or both — and you’re ready to get started on your path of discovery and transformation.

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What is your life calling you toward next?

Life Purpose Coaching is an insightful, grounding, joyful process. We begin by unearthing the unique experiences that motivate you and bring you meaning. The journey continues with more exploration around identifying your life purpose and ultimately claiming it.

Mara VizzuttiIntimacy. Clarity. Empowerment.

Women on a mission rule their own worlds. You’ve paid your dues and now it’s time to live life on your own terms.

My work with women clients is deep, rich, collaborative, compassionate, and validating. We deserve that much and more as we work together toward being more of our authentic selves in this world.

As a woman committed to living your truest, fullest life, Life Purpose Coaching will help you:

  • navigate a desired life shift or a new leg of your journey in a clear-headed, open-hearted way, with the support of a heart-centered ally
  • reinvent yourself professionally or personally
  • place yourself at the top of your priority list for a change
  • find out what it is you really want to do with your life

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How it works:

The purpose of this coaching experience is to clarify your unique life purpose.  Life Purpose Coaching for Women is a collaborative alliance between me as a professional coach and you as an individual. The coaching partnership is a thought-provoking and often emotionally evocative process designed to allow you as an individual to gain greater clarity, passion, and purpose in your life.

Our objectives for this work include:

  1. To uncover your gift to the world and your call to action
  2. To increase clarity about your “essentials” for happiness
  3. To strengthen your sense of identity and confidence
  4. To experience greater ownership of your place in the world

Typically, Life Purpose Coaching is a 4-6 month cycle of bi-weekly phone sessions. I work with clients in Halifax, Nova Scotia and across Canada. You’ll walk away with the clarity to develop a plan for the next important steps in your journey.

Ready to make your life an expression of your most authentic calling?

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