Leadership Communication Skills Development Workshops

Feedback Conversations for Success

Most employees are unsatisfied with the frequency and type of feedback they receive.

Many claim the only time they get feedback is when something goes wrong.  Constructive feedback certainly outpaces positive feedback in most organizations. This has led to acknowledgement deprived workplace environments that diminish employee engagement. In addition, whether positive constructive or developmental, feedback is rarely delivered in the most effective, meaningful and relevant manner for those receiving it.

In most organizations there is an urgent need for more feedback that recognizes excellence, builds on potential, and addresses performance issues. This one-day program explores the full range of feedback conversations.

Complete with video examples, a job aid, and a detailed workbook, this program provides a practical hands-on approach to mastering the art of feedback. Participants will leave prepared to apply their learning immediately back in the workplace.

Here are some of the results you can expect from the Feedback Conversations Workshop:

• Leaders obtain a model for handling all feedback conversations successfully. They can structure feedback conversations for maximum effectiveness, whether positive, corrective or developmental in nature.

•Participants will learn how to deliver feedback without activating defensiveness. They will be able to deliver feedback in a way that is easier for others to receive. This results in less avoidance of difficult conversations regarding performance gaps.

•High potential employees will gain the developmental feedback they desire that will keep them growing! They will feel appreciated and know what to do to make the most significant contribution to the organization.

•Working relationships are strengthened. Conversations that follow the feedback model improve the cohesiveness of relationships. Leaders become more influential and able to motivate employees more effectively.

•Developmental conversations keep employees on a high-performance pathway. By receiving developmental feedback, people think in terms of taking their performance to the next level. Developmental conversations inspire a “good” to “great” and a “great” towards “greater” mindset and motivation.

Participants will learn:

  • The secret element that multiplies the power of positive feedback
  • How to engage in feedback conversations with a higher degree of skill and confidence
  • How to structure a feedback conversation to minimize resistance and maximize buy-in
  • How to provide positive, developmental or constructive feedback for best impact and results
  • How to use feedback as a doorway for a coaching conversation
  • How to manage defensive reactions

Feedback Conversations is a comprehensive, essential program for anyone in a leadership role who wants to improve their skills in this critical area. I serve business and executive clients in Halifax, Nova Scotia and across Canada. For a more detailed outline of the content and format for the day, contact me:  mara@newavenue.ca