Corporate Gems: Developing Excellence in Leadership Qualities and Skills

The Corporate Gems Leadership course focuses on developing leadership skills and qualities, and increasing people’s self-awareness so they make better choices, have better coping skills to deal with the challenges in front of them, which in turn increases self-confidence, engagement and makes them better leaders.

One of my mentors, a former CEO used to say the level of a person’s effectiveness is directly related to the accuracy of their self-perception in the world.

In other words, building on an individual’s self-knowledge and level of self-accuracy is key. Most of us are aware of how we could be more effective but we continue to keep repeating patterns of behavior that are getting “in the way” of our overall success and contentment.

Raising our awareness about “why” we continue to do what isn’t working for us in combination with practical tools is a key combination to becoming more personally effective in our work and life. The leverage of external tools comes from seeing through the lens of “self” when we apply the tools. For example: You can teach someone the steps to delivering a great PowerPoint presentation, but if you don’t address their limiting beliefs like: I don’t believe my staff have a high level of respect for me so they probably won’t believe what I’m saying or I’m terrified of making a mistake in front of a group, or I don’t think I’m a credible source on this subject.

You will not get far in having that knowledge implemented!

Self-Awareness + Practical Tools= Great results and Increased Confidence and Better Leadership Qualities and Skills

To navigate effectively you need to know where you are on the map–self-knowledge allows you to locate yourself on the map!

This is the key to building on people’s existing wisdom. The combination of greater self-awareness and practical tools allows people to make shifts in behaviour with more ease.

Specifically for teams, Gems is an informative and engaging program where participants learn and develop practical models and skills that can be integrated immediately in their professional and personal lives.  Participants will expand their capability to make shifts in attitudes and behaviors that they judge to be ineffective. In addition, participants will enhance their communication skills assisting them to reach their professional and personal potential.

Here is an overview of the content:

Purpose: Develop Skills and Qualities To Increase Your Personal Leadership Effectiveness in Life


  1. Identify the attitudes/beliefs that can be barriers to your success.
  2. Understand the power of embracing results and zeroing in on what is important.
  3. Understand your ineffective responses to situations and ways to shift them.
  4. Assess your own leadership style and learn how to work effectively with others!
  5. Increase communication effectiveness through the art of giving and receiving feedback.

The program modules can be customized based on client needs. Here is the suggested outline for both days:

  • Self- Assessment by individuals: challenges at work, possible solutions, what brings me satisfaction/fulfillment at work…
  • My Paradigm: how my beliefs, judgments and behaviors create my results
  • How to Get Out of our own Way: exploring unproductive attitudinal and behavioral patterns
  • Overcoming Patterns of Guilt and Resentment
  • Redefining Ownership of Your Life
  • Cultivating Stillness for stress reduction
  • Letting go of Reaction and embracing a Proactive response to life
  • Delivering Feedback: The Art of Giving and Receiving
  • Defining our Commitment to our relationship with Ourselves
  • Leadership Styles: Working Effectively with Others
  • The Power of Acknowledgement
  • Action Plan for next steps

What you will receive:

Phase 1:  Pre-work assignment followed by facilitation of the 2 day hands-on, interactive program. This may also be delivered as four half-day sessions over a 1-month period. Participants will receive a binder where they will do their work and take notes. Participants will receive worksheets of key modules delivered in the program.

Phase 2: Following the initial program, each participant will engage in three individual coaching calls with me to debrief the experience, further deepen their learning, and to make progress on the action plan they created in the workshop. The coaching also provides the opportunity for participants to work on specific situations they are dealing with at work. Approximately three weeks from initial program, participants will engage in a team conference call that advances learning for the group as everyone shares: how process is working or not working, where people are stuck, how to overcome, next steps, homework etc.

Phase 3: An engaging half-day workshop 6-8 weeks after initial program that refreshes and reconnects participants to their learning and also explores strategies for overcoming habitual patterns over the long term.

Areas of performance that typically shift as a result of this program, which result in enhanced leadership qualities and skills:

  • Greater self-awareness of ineffective patterns and how to overcome then
  • Improved communication skills and greater competency at delivering constructive feedback
  • Increased participation in and ownership of company goals
  • Increased morale and job satisfaction
  • Greater feeling of competence about one’s strengths and abilities
  • Stronger teamwork

If you’ve read up to this point, you may be interested in taking the next step.

If so, I invite you to contact me so we can discuss whether or not Corporate Gems may be the right fit for your people. I serve clients in Halifax, Nova Scotia and across Canada. Regardless of whether we work together, as a result of our conversation, you will be clearer about what you may need to get the results you’re seeking.

I look forward to connecting with you and learning more about your situation!

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